Even though my youngest is now an avid reader, he didn’t start reading until he was nine. A few years on and his spelling was still way behind grade level even though he knew all the phonics rules. Angela has been using the Davis method with him to help him see the words in his head and build some concrete connections between the word and its meaning. It is working wonders. Thank you, Dyslexic learning. (Client: 9 year old boy) (2020)

We have mastered about 9 or 10 words, we have tried to do at least one every day, I don’t want to let the initial push to go away. We have been reading as well and she is delighted of what she can do now. I have spoken with her teacher and she has already noticed an improvement in her speed of writing. The learning support lady at school was asking me if she could speak to you to know how to best support my daughter in the future. She has done a reading test and noticed a difference.  (Client: 10 year old girl 2020)

I would 100% recommend Angela! She is patient, thorough, understanding, and delightful to work with, my daughter loved working with her.  Before my daughter started the program we had hope but not certainty that the program would work for my daughter. Well, the results have greatly exceeded our expectations, my daughter has her confidence back and is catching up fast with her reading and writing skills. And it’s not just that, her comprehension has also greatly improved, it’s like a light switch was turned on.   Thank you so much Angela for the amazing work you do x. (Client: 10 year old girl) (2020)

Online Maths program:  We did some schoolwork yesterday and we could already see some improvement in maths :).  (2021: 11 year old girl)

Online Dyslexia program:  I feel that I have learnt to use the pictures that I think with in my head to help me with my studies. I feel more motivated to achieve my life goals.  I understand text better when I read.  I did not expect doing things with clay and clay models would be so effective. I feel I have learnt how I can study more effectively by using my dial and picture thinking.  (2020: 14 year old girl)

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