Dyslexic Learning uses the Davis® Methods which focus on bringing meaning to words, numbers and life concepts.  These enable children or adults with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit, Dyscalculia (Maths) or Dyspraxia (Balance) to discover and unlock their individual learning potential.

Dyslexic Learning understands and values the diverse way people learn whether they are young or old.

The Davis® Methods are simple and effective and provide an experiential learning approach to give individuals time to explore and understand how they think and how they can work with their own strengths to maximise their learning.

One of the greatest assets of the Davis® approach is to recognise learning disabilities can be learning differences. At Dyslexic Learning this approach allows us to recognise every individual's differences and unique challenges.

Dyslexic Learning offers specialised programs which focus on the mastering of Reading, Maths, Attention Deficit and Dyspraxia.

Clients work one-on-one with a facilitator through the entire Davis® Program to help master the challenges of their learning and thinking style and to uncover their strengths. The program makes use of the Davis® Tools, which are 

  • Davis® Orientation Counselling
  • Release
  • Dial-Setting
  • Davis® Symbol Mastery
  • Koosh Ball Exercise


Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program

The Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program is usually a 30 hour program. It uses a visual, meaning based approach to reading, relying on full understanding rather than rote learning. This leads to improved  retention  allowing individuals to take control of their own learning. During a Davis® program a facilitator will show the client how to use their own thinking style to eliminate problems they may have with language-concepts. This is done through the medium of plasticine-clay, modelling words and concepts in a physical way.

Davis ® Attention Mastery Program

The Davis ® Attention Mastery Program  is a typically a 30 hour program. The program will build awareness of people and the environment, and will help the client to retain and control focus, develop social skills, manage time, and self-manage hyperactivity.

It will use clay models to master concepts of: self, change, consequence (before, after, cause and effect), time, sequence, disorder/order. The individual quickly sees their environment from a different perspective. Through re-enactments of various scenarios with clay, the client is further able to understand their surrounding environment.

Davis ® Maths Mastery Program

The Davis® Maths Program is typically 42-45 hours, unless the client has already completed the  Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program if so the Maths program is an additional 15-18 hours.

The program will focus on building an understanding of maths and the acquisition of maths skills, helping to eliminate the fear of numbers and maths symbols and enabling individuals to master the key concepts needed for maths. This will all be done through the medium of clay.

Individuals who have trouble with maths may also experience difficulty with; right/left reversal, maps and sequential instructions, telling time, reading music and physical co-ordination (such as in sports). The program will be tailored to the individual client needs.




 Dyslexic Learning uses the Davis® Methods which focuses on bringing meaning to words, numbers and life concepts enabling the client child or adult to discover and unlock their individual learning potential

Dyslexic Learning understands and values the diverse way people learn.

The Davis® methods are a simple and effective approach to experiential learning, giving the individual learner time to explore and understand how they think and learn as an individual and how they can work with their own strengths, to maximize their learning.

Dyslexic Learning is committed to working with the individual to enable them to achieve their potential.

Photograph is of my son who received British Dyslexia  Children Association  Award  Highly Commended in  2017  after doing Davis Dyslexia Correction Program in 2015.

Highly Commended Winner Young Person Category British Dyslexia Association 2017

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