Are specialised programs which focus on the mastering of Reading, Maths, Attention Deficit and Dyspraxia (Balance).Clients work one-on-one with a facilitator through the entire Davis® Program to help master the challenges of their learning and thinking style and to uncover their strengths. This is accomplished by learning and mastering the use of the Davis® Tools. The client's parent/support person will also be guided through the process so that they can continue supporting the client after the program. Follow-ups with the facilitator are also offered.


Davis ® Dyslexia Correction 

The most common symptom associated with dyslexia is difficulty with reading. This is sometimes wrongly interpreted as laziness on the part of the individual concerned.

Davis® Dyslexia research has demonstrated that dyslexia is a learning difference rather than a learning disability. The main differences between a person with and without dyslexia are twofold - how a person creates thoughts and how a person processes new information. Though each person with dyslexia is unique, the common trait they all share is being a visual spatial/intuitive thinker and a global approach learner.

The  Davis® Dyslexia Program is designed for  age of 8 years and adults. It is typically a 30 hour program working with the facilitator 1:1.

The program puts the dyslexic individual in control by using the strengths of their thinking and learning style.  The program is an engaging in a creative and fun way. This leads to improved  retention  allowing individuals to take control of their own learning. There is nothing wrong with a dyslexic’s brain, it simply works differently.


Davis ® Attention Mastery 

Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity is defined as  ‘developmentally inappropriate inattention and impulsivity with and without hyperactivity’. People with ADD may struggle with a low self-esteem, troubled relationships and poor performance in school.

ADD/ADHD  children /adults are bright, intelligent individuals who are curious about life and their environment, and who are seeking out new ideas and information.   They have the ability to disorient easily in order to keep themselves amused. This may present as the person being unable to finish tasks, being easily distracted, losing focus and acting impulsively.

Davis® Attention Mastery Program uses clay models to master the concepts of: self, change, consequence (before, after, cause and effect), time, sequence and disorder/order. The individual quickly sees their environment from a different perspective.

Through re-enactments of various scenarios with clay, the program will build awareness of people and the environment, and will help the individual to retain and control focus, improve social skills, manage time, and manage their own hyperactivity.


Davis ®Maths  Mastery 

 Dyscalculia means difficulties with maths.

In a maths problem there are always three pieces of information; two pieces are given, and maths is simply the process of working out the third piece of information.

Individuals who have trouble with maths may also  experience difficulty with right/left reversal, maps and sequential instructions, telling time, reading music and physical co-ordination. The basic building blocks to maths are shown to them. The Maths Program is typically 42-45 hours unless the client has already completed the  Davis Dyslexia Correction Program, if so the Maths programme is an additional 15-18 hours.

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