Getting Started

  • Call me on 007775239077 for a free and no obligation telephone consultation or text me and I will call you when it is convenient for you
  • Book an appointment for me to visit you at home for an initial consultation. The purpose of this consultation is  to see which and what program is right for you or your child.  This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the program and  to meet me in person it typically takes about 2 hours.
  • Discuss as a family if this program is a proper fit for you or your family member in your own time.
  • Contact me to book a program if you decide it is right for you or your child.

How The Program Works

  • I will travel to your home
  • Client receives one-to-one facilitation usually Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm  at their home.  Or half days if that is right for the client. 
  • Learn to master both the Davis® tools and to achieve the clients goals.
  • Provide training to the support person of the child /adult
  • Follow-up contact for the client and  support person(s) to ensure continued success.
  • All programmes have a minimum of 6 hour follow up included in the fee and if you want further follow up this can be arranged 

Average time to complete the program

  • Dyslexia - 5 days  (30 hours)
  • Attention - 5 days (30 hours)
  • Maths -  From 8- 10 days  (about 42 hours)


Angela Canning

I look forward to hearing from you